The Tolentino Family

Tolentino family photo

Tess was recruited by Hendrick Medical Center, along with 6 other nurses from the Philippines, in 1991. Upon beginning work with her new employer, Tess was introduced to First Abilene FCU through their partnership with the Hendrick International Nurse Program. When she moved to Abilene she did not know how to drive and had never had a bank account. She began with a checking account so that she could receive direct deposits and soon after that received her first car loan for a Honda Civic. “FAFCU played a big role in making me strong and independent,” Tess states.

In 1994, she married her husband Jeff. Jeff was originally from San Francisco and wanted the couple to move there; however, Tess knew Abilene was home for them. After getting married, the credit union assisted the Tolentino’s in purchasing their first home, sending money to family in the Philippines when a financial need arose and helped to start youth savings accounts for their two children, Gabriel and Samantha.

When Gabriel began driving, the Tolentino’s knew exactly where to go to help them purchase his first car, FAFCU! Tess says, “The credit union is not just a bank, it is like a second home and the staff is family.” The Tolentino’s favorite credit union products include the PAL line, BillPay, Direct Deposit and the Christmas Club Savings Account.
After working 23 years as the charge nurse on a telemetry unit, Tess is now the Clinical Documentation Integrity Coordinator. Jeff works as an Endoscopy Technician for Abilene
Endoscopy Center.

In their spare time this summer they will prepare for Gabriel to start college at ACU and watch their daughter, Samantha, dance with the Cooper Cougarrette Drill Team. Tess also loves to assemble flower arrangements and decorate her home.