The Lazirko Family

The Lazirko Family photo

The Lazirko’s were preparing to build their new home and knew the new construction loan process could be tricky and stressful. They began the process back in April of 2015 with a bank in town, who ended up making the process very confusing and difficult. They began to think they were making the wrong decision to build a home and went back to looking for an existing home for sale. A friend recommended First Abilene Federal Credit Union at that time. They contacted Rose Everett, Mortgage Loan Officer, on a Monday and exactly four weeks later they closed on their new construction loan. Miranda said, “Rose and Keithea made the process so easy, smooth and fun! First Abilene Federal Credit Union has great perks too!” The Lazirko’s builder is also impressed with First Abilene’s process and told them it has been the best financial institution with which they have done business.