The Cavuoti’s Story

Cavuoti Story photo

The Cavuoti’s have been members of First Abilene FCU since 2013. During that time Whit was working as an RN in the ICU of Hendrick Medical Center and McKinsey was home with their new baby girl, Emma Caroline. The time had come for them to purchase a new car to hold their new family of 3, but with a new baby and a husband working night shifts, they did not have the typical hours that aligned with most financial institutions. Their parents, and long-time members, suggested that they call the credit union.

From that initial call their Loan Officer, Misty Hayward, walked them through the car buying process and explained how our online application and electronic loan documents would work great with their schedule and make the process a breeze. With several clicks and a virtual signature their paperwork was complete, all from the comfort of their home.

The Cavuoti’s have since moved to Mobile, Alabama as Whit works for his CRNA license. It was once again time to purchase a new car. From 1,000 miles away they were able to apply and sign all documents electronically. McKinsey said, “FAFCU made it SO easy to
finance a car—even all the way in Alabama. Even the finance department at the car dealership could not believe how simple it was—or how low their interest rate was. We LOVE FAFCU!”