Terry & Dale O’Connell

We first started using our credit union when it was Health Services Credit Union in 1979, when we were first married. We had just moved to Texas and did not have any credit history at all. Dale has always been a good saver and we opened our savings and checking accounts when she went to work at Hendrick Medical Center as a Nurses Aid, then LVN, RN, BSN and Nurse Manager over her 33 year career. Every week we would put away some savings even through the 80’s and 90’s when our boys were born. In those years there were more restrictions on who could join a credit union, so we also had another bank account that was always charging fees and paid lower savings rates than our CU.

First Abilene has been good to us and when we bought a car in 1982 and a truck n 1988 Faye Smith came over to our house and we signed the loan papers at our dining room table after working hours…now that’s service! It’s hard to predict what your financial needs are going to be while raising a family, but our credit union has always been there for us. When we needed our home central air system replaced a few years ago, I applied online and got a phone call a few hours later. The money was ready to go. It’s a great feeling knowing you have the at financial resource available when you need it…Hmm…It may be time for that new motorcycle!