Switch Kit

We’ve made the switch to First Abilene FCU easy as flipping a switch! Tired of the cost of banking elsewhere, but think it’s too difficult to make the change? The First Abilene FCU Switch Kit is just for you.

Our Switch Kit includes everything you need to help you make a smooth transition to First Abilene FCU. In just four easy steps, you can be on your way to enjoying all the benefits of First Abilene FCU membership, such as:

  • FREE Debit Card
  • FREE Online Banking and Bill Pay
  • Competitive rates on car loans, mortgages and credit cards.

Switch to First Abilene Federal Credit Union Today!

Use these PDF forms to make the switch easier. Just download the forms and follow the instructions.

STEP 1 – Open your account with First Abilene FCU at either of our branches. All it takes is $25 to start, but the $25 goes back to you if or when you decide to leave for any reason. Once you have your First Abilene FCU account number, move on to Step 2.

Click Here to Download the Application

STEP 2 – Switch direct deposits and automatic payments by using our Direct Deposit Change Request form.

STEP 3 – Change automatic payments and withdrawal using the Change Automatic Payments/Withdrawals form.

STEP 4 – Close all other savings, checking and bill payment accounts using the Close Account form.

Check List Form Check off boxes on printed copy as you complete item.

Click Here for All Switch Kit Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please come by or call either of our branches and we will help you quickly and easily make the switch to First Abilene FCU!