Plan a Staycation this Summer

Covid-19 has caused many to rethink their summer plans. Maybe a summer vacation is no longer in the budget or maybe you just rather “stay home.” It does not mean you must skip out on your break away from work and daily chores. Instead, plan a staycation at home.

Take time out. It may be somewhat difficult to fully vacation when you are at home with constant reminders of the daily grind. Set out-of-office notifications, turn off your phone and skip the news for the time being.

Support local. Not only does a staycation allow you to save some funds, but it may also help boost our local economy. Explore local attractions like The Grace Museum, the Abilene Zoo, Frontier Texas or the Adamson-Spalding Storybook Garden. Don’t forget to treat yourself to local cuisine or a treat from your favorite ice cream spot.

Bring a destination home. Dreaming of a vacation to Italy? Order Italian food and gather around to view scenic photos of the country. Watch a documentary or check out a book from the local library.

Get outdoors. Our community does a great job to provide us all with local parks, playgrounds, swimming spots and state parks. Plan a camping trip or just take time to explore nature in your own community.  Play a game of basketball or disc golf with your family; find the opportunity to bird watch; or go fishing at a local lake.