Mobile ATM

Great For: Fairs•Carnivals•Concerts•Craft Shows•Air Shows•Auto Shows
Sporting Events•Trade Shows•Wine/Beer Festivals

First Abilene Federal Credit Union Mobile ATM combines state-of -the-art technology in a self-contained machine in order to properly cover the event. We guarantee superior quality and customer satisfaction in every phase of the ATM service.


  • •There is no cost to the event, the only requirement is that power is provided near the
  • machine.
  • •Vendors’ sales will go up and those vendors who are unable to accept credit cards will
  • now see increased sales with an ATM on site.
  • •The Mobile ATM is completely turnkey. The ATM is set up, stocked, monitored and
  • removed all by our staff. There is no operational responsibility from the event.
  • •The Mobile ATM is operated via wireless communications and all transactions are
  • encrypted for maximum security.
  • •Remote monitoring gives us the ability to monitor the ATM and the level of cash available
  • at all times. This allows us to ensure that our machine will not run out of cash at your event.
  • •The Mobile ATM is fully equipped with security lighting and state of the art security
  • features, 24 hours a day.


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