Michael & Bermea Soliz

I want to say thank you to all the employees at First Abilene Federal Credit Union. You helped my wife and me not once but twice this year and last year with a car loan at a hard time for us because the vehicle my wife had, had broken down and the mechanics could not figure out what was wrong with it. My wife was so frustrated and so sad, so I told her lets go look around and everywhere we looked they wanted a trade-in or a large down payment. Finally I told her lets go to our credit union to see what they could do for us and that is would not hurt trying. We filled the application out and qualified for a great sum of loan and at that moment I saw a tear of happiness in my wife, and it almost made me teary eyed. We bought a good vehicle, I mean she got a good vehicle! I want to say thank you very much again for the second loan that we got. That really helped me and my family because my central a/c went out and I knew it was going to be expensive and a hot summer. I didn’t even think about getting a loan from the credit union until my wife said let’s try it. So she called to get the paper work started and it was approved and I felt blessed cause I thought about getting it financed through the company’s bank with a high interest rate. I am blessed to have great family and a well appreciated First Abilene as part of my family. I have been a member for over 20 something years and my wife and I are not ever going to go anywhere else. So I thank you for all the wonderful service you bring us!