Real Member Stories

Bill & Debbie’s Story

Bill and Debbie joined the credit union in February of 2017. They decided to become members as an effort to contribute to the local economy, but believe the friendly and courteous staff is one of their favorite things about First Abilene. In August, the credit union provided a home construction loan to the couple. Initially they were going to build a…

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Briawna’s Story

Briawna joined FAFCU in 2013. Being able to access her account easily on the go with the mobile app, had her hooked on the credit union from the beginning. Briawna had an important personal financial goal she wanted to achieve – purchasing her first home. In January of 2017, she had six months left remaining on her lease and an…

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Arra’s Story

The Bustos family joined First Abilene in 2012 after hearing about the great services and rates on savings products from their co-workers at Hendrick Medical Center. After instilling the importance of saving for the future, their daughter, Arra, opened her All-Star savings account in 2016. She felt it was important to start saving now for college and she loves being…

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The Maylone’s Story

Maylones photo

After listening to Megan Allred, VP of Marketing, talk to about Credit Union features that assist with managing money and account options during the Hendrick Medical Center benefit fair, the Maylone’s decided to make the move to First Abilene FCU after continued struggles with service at a local bank. Over the last 8-9 years the credit cards and other bills,…

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The Cavuoti’s Story

Cavuoti Story photo

The Cavuoti’s have been members of First Abilene FCU since 2013. During that time Whit was working as an RN in the ICU of Hendrick Medical Center and McKinsey was home with their new baby girl, Emma Caroline. The time had come for them to purchase a new car to hold their new family of 3, but with a new…

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The Tolentino Family

Tolentino family photo

Tess was recruited by Hendrick Medical Center, along with 6 other nurses from the Philippines, in 1991. Upon beginning work with her new employer, Tess was introduced to First Abilene FCU through their partnership with the Hendrick International Nurse Program. When she moved to Abilene she did not know how to drive and had never had a bank account. She…

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The Lazirko Family

The Lazirko Family photo

The Lazirko’s were preparing to build their new home and knew the new construction loan process could be tricky and stressful. They began the process back in April of 2015 with a bank in town, who ended up making the process very confusing and difficult. They began to think they were making the wrong decision to build a home and went…

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Jim & Judee McAden

Jim & Judee McAden photo

Jim and Judee relocated to Abilene from San Antonio this past summer. They were referred to First Abilene FCU by their realtor and friend. They came in and spoke with Rose Everett, Mortgage Loan Officer, and determined that First Abilene had the best services and products to help them purchase their new home and also meet their new personal goals of  affordability . Not only did Rose…

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Dennis & Sandra Giehl

Dennis & Sandra Giehl photo

The Giehl’s moved to Abilene from Alaska in the fall of 2014. They have always preferred a credit union over a bank because they enjoy being an owner. From the first day they walked into First Abilene FCU the staff were friendly and have proven to be every day since. This time they were not only looking for a financial institution for…

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Mark Stockdale

Mark Sockdale photo

Mark was exiting the Hendrick Medical Center cafeteria, nearly 25 years ago, when he saw staff from the credit union talking about benefits and services offered by First Abilene FCU. He signed up on the spot. Mark takes advantage of multiple services at the credit union. Being able to pre-qualify before going car shopping, knowing the credit union will take care of…

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Ricky Rodriguez

Ricky Rodriguez and his car

Ricky joined First Abilene FCU when he was 16. His mother and father were members and thought it would be a good idea to start teaching Ricky financial responsibility early in life. The staff first taught Ricky how to manage his checking account and then his loan officer, Misty, helped him with a Shared Secure MasterCard. The Shared Secure MasterCard…

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Clark Bolls

Clark Bolls and his car

After Clark’s bank was continuing to hold his paycheck for 72 hours, he decided to switch to a smaller financial institution. Clark moved his checking account to First Abilene FCU in 2008. After being a member for a little over a year he sat down with his loan officer, Misty, to discuss his financial goals and a plan was laid…

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Erica Howard

Erica Howard photo

Erica joined the credit union nearly a year ago after hearing what great service was offered from fellow employees at Hendrick Medical Center. After continuously hearing stories about what great loan rates the credit union offered she told herself, “I have to see what all the talk is about!” One of Erica’s financial goals has been to own her car…

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Judy Works

Judy Works photo

Judy Works became a member of First Abilene FCU in October of 2009 when she drove passed the Pine location and noticed a car she was interested in sitting outside. She came in to ask a few questions and with help from Misty, her loan officer, was able to walk out with a new car the same day! Since then…

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Gene & Charmaine Boone

Gene & Charmaine Boone

When the Boone’s retirement account took a loss during the recession and health issues aroused they were faced with a difficult decision. Their lifelong dream of being full-time RVer’s had to come to an end. They approached the large bank where the motorhome was financed, but the bank would not accept any good offers for a short sale. On a…

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Michael & Bermea Soliz

I want to say thank you to all the employees at First Abilene Federal Credit Union. You helped my wife and me not once but twice this year and last year with a car loan at a hard time for us because the vehicle my wife had, had broken down and the mechanics could not figure out what was wrong…

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Terry & Dale O’Connell

We first started using our credit union when it was Health Services Credit Union in 1979, when we were first married. We had just moved to Texas and did not have any credit history at all. Dale has always been a good saver and we opened our savings and checking accounts when she went to work at Hendrick Medical Center as…

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