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Why is the rate on the web site different from the rate I’m being offered?

Rates may vary based on your credit history, and payment method.

Why do the terms vary for personal loans?

The term, or length of the loan, is affected by the amount of money you borrow.

What information does my employer need to begin direct deposit?

Your employer will need an authorization form directing them where to deposit the money, including the credit union’s routing number and your account number. Please check with your employer to obtain the appropriate form. They may also require a voided check if your deposit will go into your checking account.

Can I set up my direct deposit to put money in more than one share account?

You can if your employer allows that option. Check with your payroll office to find out if it is available. If your employer does not offer that option, you can sign up for our automatic transfer program to make regular distributions to your various credit union accounts and loans.

What is First Abilene Federal Credit Union’s routing number?

FAFCU’s routing number is: 311376591

As a credit union member, am I guaranteed to get a loan?

Our credit decisions are based on your income and your ability to pay. We look at every application, so you will always be treated as an individual, not a number on a credit report. If you have extenuating circumstances, let us know. We work with our members to give them loans they need, and to help them establish good borrowing habits.

How are the board members selected?

The Board of Directors are member volunteers who donate their time to represent the voice of all members. The selection process includes a nomination from the nominating committee and a vote by the membership. Board of Directors serve staggered three year terms and must follow the selection process each time they run for office. Boards of Directors then elect the positions of chair, treasurer and secretary amongst themselves.

What kind of products and services do you offer?

We are a full–service financial institution. We offer many different types of savings and checking accounts, and a complete array of lending products including mortgages.

Is there a cost involved?

To become a member, you must open a savings account (called a “share” account at a credit union) with a minimum deposit of $25.00 and a one-time enrollment fee of $1. These funds must remain on deposit until you close your account with us.

How do I become a member?

Come into one of our locations with your valid government issued ID and talk with a Member Service Representative about opening an account with us. We can use a current Texas driver’s license, an Texas issued ID card, a U.S. passport or current U.S. Military ID to verify your name. We also require your social security number, birth date and physical address to open an account.

How old do you have to be to join?

There is no minimum age for membership. Ask a Member Service Representative about Child and Teen Accounts. It’s never too soon to start saving money!

Who is eligible for membership?

Persons who live, work, worship, or attend school in and businesses and other legal entities located in Taylor, Haskell, Jones, Shackelford, Stephens, Nolan, Callahan, Eastland, Runnels, Coleman, Brown, Comanche and Erath Counties, Texas. If you are immediate family or a household member to a current member of the credit union.

How is a credit union different from a bank?

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution owned by its depositors. As a not-for-profit organization, First Abilene Federal Credit Union returns its profits to its membership in the form of high rates for savings, low rates for loans, and low or no fees for its services. As a credit union member you have a say in how the credit union is run; you can even run for a position on the Board of Directors.