Account Access

Online & Mobile Banking

Online Banking

NetTeller, our FREE Online Banking service provides secure online access to your accounts wherever you have or use a personal computer. No software is needed, just a computer with internet access. You also have access to FREE Bill Pay, FREE E-Statements and FREE Mobile Banking with check images and much more.

NetTeller provides you with a real-time connection and a secure site in which to view account information.

Members can:

  • Review account history
  • Review recent check postings
  • Review deposit history
  • Balance your checkbook
  • Print your statement
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Transfer funds member to member
  • Request loan payoffs
  • Review withdrawals
  • Download files to your money management software
  • Receive E-Statements
  • View check images online

For more information, please call (325) 670-2429 or email  Technical Services.

Mobile Banking

We are proud to offer Mobile Banking to all of our First Abilene FCU members. This easy to use feature offers simple menus designed for viewing on internet-enabled wireless devices making it easy to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What can I do with Mobile Banking?

This feature allows our members to check account balances, view transaction history, transfer funds, access and use Bill Pay, ATM locator and view check images all from their cell phone or mobile device.

How do I use Mobile Banking?

To access your account through the app you will need to go to the Droid or Apple store and download the app to your device. Search “First Abilene FCU”. Once the app is downloaded you will log in. You will then need to enable device through either an email or website verification.

To access Mobile Banking through a browser on your web-enabled cell phone or PDA, go to Sign into NetTeller using your normal username and password. From here you will be automatically be redirected to the mobile site.

Do I need a special kind of cell phone?

To download the app you must have a Droid or Apple device. Mobile Banking works with most web-capable cell phones and PDAs with internet access and supports almost all wireless service providers.

What does it cost?

FAFCU Mobile Banking is FREE to all members. Your wireless provider may charge for access or data usage based on your wireless plan.

Do I have to sign up separately for Mobile Banking?

If you are a current NetTeller (online banking) user you will automatically have access to Mobile Banking. . If you are not currently a NetTeller user, you will need to manually enroll online.

Can I access multiple FAFCU accounts?

To access multiple accounts through a single log in, you will need to put in a request with a member service representative or by sending a message once logged in to online or mobile banking.

Can I Bookmark, add to Favorites and add to Homescreen?

Depending on your mobile device’s capability you can Bookmark the mobile site, add to your Favorites and even add to Home screen, but you must be logged in and on the mobile home screen for these features to work.

Is FAFCU Mobile Banking safe?

Yes, FAFCU Mobile Banking is safe. Mobile Banking uses state-of-the-art security. You are protected in many ways, including a Login ID and Password is required for access and account numbers are masked.


All members are pre-enrolled in e-statements. This allows you to print, view or download your account statement whenever and wherever you would like!

To help members fully understand switching to e-statements, we have compiled the below list of FAQs.

What is an E-Statement?

E-Statements are exactly the same as paper statements just delivered to you via our online banking system, FlexTeller.

Why E-Statements?

One of the benefits of NetTeller is that we can communicate securely with our members and this includes delivery of your statement. An e-statement is delivered 2-3 days faster than a paper-based statement and it reduces the risk of your confidential information being exposed via mail tampering.

Are E-Statements secure?

Yes. E-Statements are accessed through NetTeller, First Abilene’s secure online banking service. NetTeller uses industry standard HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security) as the secure protocol between your web browser and the NetTeller web server to ensure a secure connection is established and maintained.

Do I need to have any special software to view online statements?

Yes. E-Statements are PDF files, therefore, you will need a compatible PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat to view the statement on your computer.

How do I view my E-Statement?

To view your e-statement you must already be registered to receive e-statements. Once registered, login to NetTeller online banking and select the Statement icon. A list of available e-statements will be displayed. Click the “Download Now” option to the right of the statement date.

Do I need to be enrolled in NetTeller a to get online statements?

Yes. You would need to be enrolled in our online banking system, NetTeller, as online statements are only available via NetTeller.

When will I receive my E-Statement?

You will receive an email advising that your e-statement is now available on the first business day of the month/quarter, based on account type, for viewing within your online banking, NetTeller, account. For security purposes, we do not email account statements to members. 

Audio Response (PAL) Line

First Abilene FCU has an automated phone system named the Personal Assistance Line or PAL Line. The PAL Line lets you use a touch-tone phone from the comfort and convenience of your home to perform transactions 24 hours a day. All members are eligible for the PAL Line and it is FREE.

To Access System:

  • Dial (325) 670-2429 or (888) 670-2429
  • Press 1 for Phone Banking
  • Establish your security settings by entering the full social security number and zip code of the primary account member
  • Select a Menu Option

Mobile Deposit

Too busy to stop by a First Abilene location to deposit a check? Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks directly into your account simply by taking a picture of the check with your Apple® or Android® smartphone.

You can access the Remote Deposit Capture within the First Abilene FCU app. And best of all, Remote Deposit is FREE!

Remote Deposit Tips:

  • Always endorse your check with signature and account number
  • We require members to write, “For Mobile Deposit Only” on the back of all checks. If not written, we will decline the item.
  • Take photos in and area with appropriate lighting
  • Keep your paper check for at least 60 days

Remote Deposit Capture Frequently Asked Questions


Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of cash and checks now available in one card! With your MasterCard Debit Card, you now have the option to choose either “Debit” or “Credit.” Both options can be used at the checkout counter, used to make purchases on the internet, or to pay for a fill-up at the gas pump.

When you use your check card as a “Debit” to make a purchase, you may have the option to receive cash back. When selecting “Debit,” you must use your PIN when you make purchases and when you receive cash-back.

When you choose “Credit” all you have to do is swipe, sign and go. When you choose “Credit,” the funds are drawn directly from your checking account.

First Abilene FCU MasterCard Debit Card Advantages

  • The First Abilene FCU MasterCard Debit Card may look like a credit card but acts like a check because the purchase amount is deducted from the cardholder’s checking account.
  • Cardholders can make purchases at millions of MasterCard debit locations worldwide. No need to use your PIN — just sign as you would for any MasterCard card.
  • The MasterCard Debit Card allows you to conveniently get cash back with no extra charge at participating merchants. Because MasterCard Debit Card purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account, there is no interest to pay.
  • The MasterCard Debit Card can be used at locations such as supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, gas stations and Internet sites.
  • The MasterCard Debit Card is quicker than going to the ATM, more convenient than writing checks and safer than carrying cash.
  • Simplify your record-keeping. Cardholders don’t need to get check copies. Your monthly First Abilene FCU statement provides you with a detailed record of all your transactions.

Get your Debit Card Today!
In person at any of our convenient locations during lobby hours.

Lost or Stolen Card?

Lost/Stolen or other Debit Card Problems (888) 241-2510
Lost/Stolen Collect or outside US (909) 941-1398