We are experiencing intermittent connection issues with our PAL Line .  While we are working to resolve the issue, you may call 1-844-322-1234.  This toll-free number is a direct connection to the PAL Line.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Online and Mobile Banking Passwords Expire Every 180 Days

As an improved security feature, your password for both online banking and the mobile app will expire periodically. If you receive an invalid sign-on notification via your app, please visit online banking via the web browser to reset your password.  When logging into online banking via the web browser, it will notify you that your password requires updating. 

Directions to reset:
1. Click the link for online banking (NetTeller).
2. Type in your userID.
3. Type in your expired password.
4. It will ask you to set a new password.

Password Requirements:

  • The password cannot be the same as a previous password.
  • Your password must be a minimum of 6 characters and no longer than 20 characters.
  • Your password must contain the following:
    • 1 special character (excluding @)
    • 1 numeric character
    • 1 alpha character (capitalized character)
      *Passwords will expire 180 days after being set

Security Questions:

  • Security questions will expire after 180 days.
  • Please do not share these with anyone you do not explicitly trust with your account details.

If you need assistance, please contact a member service representative at 325-670-2429.