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First Abilene FCU Announces New Name

After over 60 years of serving the community, First Abilene Federal Credit Union is excited to announce that we are unveiling a new name and brand. The financial institution’s new name will be First Watch Credit Union.

This transformation allows the credit union to become connected and identifiable within all 13 counties in which we serve.  We have a legacy grounded in healthcare workers, yet as a community credit union, we aim to fulfill our mission and go great lengths to be your financial first responder. Traditionally, we have focused on helping consumers seamlessly navigate all facets of their financial needs, offering simple solutions for their financial well-being. “First watch” is a term that refers to the very first shift of the day. It has a historical tie to the first shift at a hospital and a nod to a farmer tending to his land as the sun rises. At First Watch we are hardworking and determined to serve our members well.

Over the next 10 months we will transition to First Watch Credit Union.  This name change has no impact on any of your accounts and we are not being sold. You and your fellow members will always be our credit union’s owners, and we will continue providing the personal service you have come to expect.  In fact, we believe we will serve you even better as we grow and increase our resources.

We hope you’ll join us in our excitement and rest assured that we remain committed to our members and our community.  Our name now reflects the heart of who we are and how we want to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is First Abilene FCU changing its name to First Watch Credit Union?
We exist to make money simple for our members and the communities we serve. Though our credit union has a strong history of accomplishing that mission in the Abilene area, in recent years we have grown to serve additional counties throughout West and Central Texas. We want these new members and new communities to feel just as welcome at the credit union. Changing our name both eliminates any confusion around who we serve and gives us the ability to pursue further growth opportunities.  Most importantly, these growth opportunities enable us to provide you more convenient, low-cost financial services.

Is First Abilene FCU moving away from its affiliation with Abilene or Taylor and Jones counties?
Not at all! First Abilene FCU is proud of our history. We would not be here today if our founding members and their families had not started this credit union in 1959. Far from being a move away from our roots, this change is a proactive step toward becoming a better financial institution. Both Abilene locations will remain open and continue providing you the friendly, convenient service you love.

How will this affect my membership status?
The name change will have no impact on member status. You and your fellow members will always be our credit union’s owners.
Will First Abilene FCU debit and credit cards still work?
You can still use your current First Abilene FCU ATM, debit and credit cards. Your old cards eventually will be replaced with new cards displaying our new name and logo.

Can I still use First Abilene FCU checks and deposit slips?
You can continue to use your First Abilene FCU checks and deposit slips. When you run out of checks or deposit slips, your new ones will have the new name and logos.

Is the management or Board of Directors changing?
No. You’ll still see the same friendly folks at all our branches.

Will I have to change automatic drafts and direct deposits?
Automatic drafts and direct deposits are routed using the same transit and account numbers as now.  These numbers have not changed, so there is no need to update this information.

Is First Abilene FCU changing ownership?
The credit union is not under new ownership. Our members are still the owners!

Will this affect my loans, savings and investments?
The name change will not impact on any of your accounts.

What are some of the positives of the name change?
Members will continue to enjoy superior service. Rates on deposits and loans will remain competitive.  Our growth and increased resources will allow us to serve our members even better. A new name, but an old commitment.

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