Erica Howard

Erica Howard photo

Erica joined the credit union nearly a year ago after hearing what great service was offered from fellow employees at Hendrick Medical Center. After continuously hearing stories about what great loan rates the credit union offered she told herself, “I have to see what all the talk is about!” One of Erica’s financial goals has been to own her car and not have to have a co-signer. After speaking with her loan officer, Elaine, the credit union was able to refinance her car loan at a good rate without a co-signer. Not only was First Abilene able to refinance her car, but also helped her with tips on how to improve her credit score so she will be able to persistently receive better loan rates. “Being a young adult, I really did appreciate all the helpful tips I received from the employees at First Abilene FCU,” said Erica. First Abilene has made a difference in Erica’s life by providing excellent service that she can count on and the willingness and effort to help her in whatever way possible by all of the staff. Erica has called Texas home for six years now and will be getting married this upcoming year. She has been employed at Hendrick for two years now and plans to retire there. With that being said, she says “I plan on banking with First Abilene for the rest of my life as well!”