Digital Wallet NOW Available

You can use your First Abilene FCU MasterCard® debit and credit card with mobile wallet services like Google Pay™, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay™. Once you’re enrolled in your chosen mobile payment platform, you can make purchases and check out with the simple touch of a finger.

When you complete a transaction with a mobile wallet, the payment mode can only be used once, meaning your accounts are better protected against fraud.
• Your name, card number and security code stay private.
• You don’t give your physical card to anyone.
• Your actual card numbers are not shared with retailers.
• The retailer receives only a transaction-specific code or “token” to process your payment


Google Pay
Download Google Pay™
1. Download the Google Pay™ app on your phone.
2. Add your First Abilene FCU MasterCard®.
3. Pay at over one million locations nationwide.

Samsung Pay
Download Samsung Pay™
1. Download the Samsung Pay™ app on your phone.
2. Open the Samsung Pay™ app and click the Get Started button, then create your Samsung Pay backup PIN.
3. Click the Cards button at the top left of the screen.
4. Click the Add Cards button and take a photo of your MasterCard®.
5. Select a card verification method from the on-screen list of options and follow the verification instructions.
6. Secure it with your fingerprint. Then you’re good to go.

Apple Pay
1. On your iPhone or other compatible Apple devices, open the Wallet app and tap the + button.
2. Follow the steps to add a new card, then tap Next.  Apple has created a video showing the Apple Pay® enrollment steps here.
3. Select how you want to verify your card and click Next.
4. Enter your verification code and click Next.
5. Click Done and you’re ready to shop!