Debit Card

Enjoy the convenience of cash and checks now available in one card! With your MasterCard Debit Card, you now have the option to choose either “Debit” or “Credit.” Both options can be used at the checkout counter, used to make purchases on the internet, or to pay for a fill-up at the gas pump.

When you use your check card as a “Debit” to make a purchase, you may have the option to receive cash back. When selecting “Debit,” you must use your PIN when you make purchases and when you receive cash-back.

When you choose “Credit” all you have to do is swipe, sign and go. When you choose “Credit,” the funds are drawn directly from your checking account.

First Abilene FCU MasterCard Debit Card Advantages

  • • The First Abilene FCU MasterCard Debit Card may look like a credit card, but acts like a 
  • check because the purchase amount is deducted from the cardholder’s checking 
  • account.
  • • Cardholders can make purchases at millions of MasterCard debit locations worldwide. 
  • No need to use your PIN — just sign as you would for any MasterCard card.
  • • The MasterCard Debit Card allows you to conveniently get cash back with no extra 
  • charge at participating merchants. Because MasterCard Debit Card purchases are 
  • automatically deducted from your checking account, there is no interest to pay.
  • • The MasterCard Debit Card can be used at locations such as supermarkets, retail 
  • stores, restaurants, gas stations and Internet sites.
  • • The MasterCard Debit Card is quicker than going to the ATM, more convenient than 
  • writing checks and safer than carrying cash.
  • • Simplify your record-keeping. Cardholders don’t need to get check copies. Your 
  • monthly First Abilene FCU statement provides you with a detailed record of all your 
  • transactions.


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