Bill & Debbie’s Story

Bill and Debbie joined the credit union in February of 2017. They decided to become members as an effort to contribute to the local economy, but believe the friendly and courteous staff is one of their favorite things about First Abilene.

In August, the credit union provided a home construction loan to the couple. Initially they were going to build a home in Clyde, but after some consideration, Bill and Debbie found an existing home they wanted to purchase. Subsequently, two and a half weeks prior to closing the seller backed out of the contract due to an unexpected and immediate family situation. They felt compelled to allow the seller out of the contract and to keep his home. Since then, they have found another home to purchase in Abilene and are scheduled to close in October. Krista was able to seamlessly switch the construction loan to a VA home loan, while fully explaining the process.

Bill and Debbie have been married several years. They dated in high school, but went their separate ways until they reconnected in the fall of 2014 via the internet. They both served simultaneously in the Air Force. They are looking forward to starting this new phase of their life in Abilene.