At different stages in your life, you face different financial needs. Whether you want to start saving for your future, avoid taxes on a pension plan payout, or protect a lifetime of savings, an IRA at First Abilene FCU may be the right solution. Besides flexibility, IRA’s offer advantages over other savings options, such as the opportunity for tax-deductible contributions or tax-free earnings.

Consolidate Your IRA Funds!

With a direct transfer of your retirement funds into an IRA at First Abilene FCU, you can maximize the security of your savings as retirement nears. Consolidation also allows you to perform all of you IRA transactions in one place, working one-on-one w

Avoid Financial Loss from a Pension Plan Payout!

Changing jobs or retiring early often leads to a payout from your pension plan. If you take a lump-sum payment directly from your plan, 20% of it will be withheld for federal taxes. With a direct rollover of your payout to a credit union IRA, you can avoid income taxes as well the 10% early distribution tax on most withdrawals if you are under age 59 1/2.

  • Minimum Balance of $100.00
  • Traditional & Roth IRAs Available
  • NO Monthly Fee
  • NO Service Charge
  • NO Administration Fees
  • FREE Mobile Banking/App
  • FREE Online Banking
  • Dividends Paid Quarterly
  • No Maturity Date
  • Variable Rates
  • Rate may change after account is opened
  • Competitive Dividend Rates

*Membership/Regular Savings required. Programs (including without limit, fees, rates and features) are subject to change without notice. See Fee Schedule for applicable fees. Fees may reduce earnings. Early withdrawal subject to loss of dividend.