Arra’s Story

The Bustos family joined First Abilene in 2012 after hearing about the great services and rates on savings products from their co-workers at Hendrick Medical Center. After instilling the importance of saving for the future, their daughter, Arra, opened her All-Star savings account in 2016.

She felt it was important to start saving now for college and she loves being rewarded for her good grades and the $5 she receives on her birthday! One of her financial goals is to save enough money now so that she does not have to borrow money when she gets older. Eleven-year-old Arra states that “A piece of advice to give a kid her age, who knows nothing about saving money or opening a savings account at the credit union, is that with one (All-Star account) you will have money so you can go to college and get a great education, and never have to ask your parents for money!”

Arra’s hobbies include; working out with her mom, playing with her baby brother and learning. First Abilene
continues to be the Bustos family’s financial institution of choice because of the customer service and the staff always remembering them and their names when they call or step into the building.