Board of Directors photo


  •  Mark Huffington – Chair
  • Delores Cox
  • Zane Dennis
  • Nancy Edgar
  • Doug Hall
  • Josh New
  • Tim Riley
  • Richard Shelburn
  • Nancy Watson
  • Stephen Weaver
  • Carolyn Williams

The board meets once a month to handle the business on the agenda. Board members serve a three-year term with the option of re-election. Elections are held at the annual meeting in April. Committee members are appointed by the board.

Delinquent Loan Committee

  • Bob Prewit– Chair
  • Tom Lesley
  • Traci Noah
Supervisory Committee

  • Karen Holland – Chair
  • Mark Huffington
  • Carolyn Williams
Delinquent loans are reviewed weekly by management and the committee. The committee reports and makes recommendations concerning necessary actions to the board of directors.
The supervisory committee oversees the operation and the compliance issues for the credit union. The members meet once a month. A committee representative reviews loans and new accounts monthly. On an annual basis a CPA firm conducts a supervisory audit.